New Telecom Network Architectures for the Cloud Era

An inter EU-projects workshop



Workshop Chair

Massimo Tornatore, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Workshop scope

In the next decade, an exponential growth of data traffic in telecom networks is expected. The major drivers for these developments are: the increasing number of internet-based services, especially cloud services; the rapidly growing variety of devices, in particular mobile or portable devices to access such cloud services; the intensified usage of any kind of online services independently of user’s locations (“always online”). Tremendous changes in telecom networks are required to enable the Gigabit cloud society, leading to enormous investments in network infrastructures

For this reason, it is necessary to identify novel and efficient solutions to enable scalble access to cloud services, which is a real challenge for all experts working in the field of ICT. Several European projects are dealing with different aspects of this problem are currently active, and it is time to create synergies in order to make them yet more successful. The main goal of this workshop is to present and discuss the current activities carried on in 5 ongoing European projects concerning new telecom network architectures for the cloud era.

The 5 projects are:

  • COMBO ( COMBO will propose and investigate new integrated approaches for Fixed / Mobile Converged (FMC) broadband access / aggregation networks for different scenarios (dense urban, urban, rural)
  • IDEALIST ( The key objective behind IDEALIST is to research in detail a cost and power efficient transport network architecture able to carry a wide range of signal bandwidths, each of which will be varying in real time in direction and magnitude, and some of which will be extremely large and possibly exceeding 1Tb/s
  • DISCUS ( DISCUS goal is to exploit demonstrated technology and concepts needed to define and develop a new radical network architectural concept that can enable an integrated wireless and FTTP future network which addresses the economic, energy consumption, capacity scaling, evolutionary, regulatory and service demand challenges arising from an FTTP enabled future
  • ERMES ( For the Next Generation Access Network (NGAN) wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks (WDM PON) appear a promising and suitable solution offering almost unlimited bandwidth similarly to point-to-point links, while allowing the advantages of fibre sharing. ERMES proposes a disruptive approach to the ONU transmitter. The breakthrough idea is to use a significant portion of the network to implement an embedded self-tuning modulable laser cavity
  • CONTENT ( CONTENT will focus on developing a next generation ubiquitous converged network infrastructure to support the network of the future. The infrastructure model proposed will be based on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) paradigm and will aim at providing a technology platform interconnecting geographically distributed computational resources that can support a variety of Cloud and mobile Cloud services

The workshop will feature several presentations from academic and industrial partners involved in  the 5 projects followed by a panel that will engage the speakers as well as the audience in an open  discussion regarding the most promising candidate network architectures to enable a cost effective  and scalable communication platform for the incoming Cloud era

Workshop Program

  • 14.00 Introduction
    Massimo Tornatore
  • 14.05 COMBO Project
    Speaker: Dirk Breuer, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany
    Title: Important network scenarios for fixed mobile convergence – COMBO view
  • 14.30 IDEALIST Project
    Speaker: Luis Velasco, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña , Spain
    Title: Flexgrid: from telecom networks to cloud infrastructures
  • 14.55 DISCUS Project
    Speaker: Marco Ruffini, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    Title: DISCUS approach to end-to-end network modeling: an update on access and core architecture and technology
  • 15.20 Coffee break
  • 15.40 ERMES Project
    Speaker: Paola Parolari, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
    Title: ERMES self tuning transmitter for optical access applications
  • 16.05 CONTENT Project
    Speaker: Anna Tzanakaki, University of Bristol, UK
    Title: A Converged Wireless Optical Network Architecture for Cloud and Mobile Cloud Services: The CONTENT approach
  • 16.30 Discussion
  • 16.50 Adjourn



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