Wednesday, June 4th

Opening messages (9:00 – 9:15)

  • Welcome message from Professor Gianantonio Magnani, Chairman of the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB), Politecnico di Milano
  • Welcome message from Professor Achille Pattavina, NOC 2014 General Chair

Keynote Speech (9:15 – 10:00)

Energy Efficient Content Distribution Optical Networks
Professor Jaafar Elmirghani, University of Leeds, UK



ICT networks continue to grow at 40% per year currently. It is estimated that these networks currently consume about 2% of the world energy, equivalent to the global aviation industry. At the present rate of growth, and driven by content, the network traffic is projected to grow by a factor of 30 in 10 years and by a factor of 1000 in 20 years which can lead to power consumption that is not sustainable. This talk will introduce new approaches for power minimisation in content distribution optical networks and in particular will examine the use of content caching to reduce power consumption, the design of energy efficient peer-to-peer content distribution networks and the design of distributed content clouds for energy efficiency. It will introduce a framework for designing energy efficient cloud computing services over IP/WDM core networks and discuss network-related factors, including centralisation versus distribution of clouds and the impact of demand, content popularity, and access frequency on the clouds‘ placement, and cloud capability factors, including the number of servers, switches, and routers, and amount of storage required in each cloud. This talk builds summarises some of the work in the £5.9m EPSRC INTERNET programme grant, 2010-2015.


Speaker biography

Prof. Jaafar Elmirghani is a Fellow of the IET, Fellow of the Institute of Physics, and is the Director of the Institute of Integrated Information Systems, University of Leeds, UK. He is and has been on the technical program committee of 33 IEEE ICC/GLOBECOM conferences between 1995 and 2014 including 14 times as Symposium Chair. He received the IEEE Comsoc 2005 Hal Sobol award for exemplary service to meetings and conferences, the IEEE Comsoc 2005 Chapter Achievement award, the University of Wales Swansea inaugural ‘Outstanding Research Achievement Award’, 2006, the IEEE Comsoc Signal Processing and Communication Electronics outstanding service award, 2009 and an IEEE ICC 2013 Best Paper award. He is currently an editor of IET Optoelectronics. He has been awarded in excess of £20 million in grants to date, has published over 400 technical papers, and has research interests in communication networks and energy efficiency; see for more details. He is an IEEE Comsoc Distinguished Lecturer.



Thursday, June 5th

Industrial Panel (13:30 – 15:00)

SYMPOSIUM: Flexigrid optical networks
Chair: Pierpaolo Boffi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Symposium Abstract

To meet the dramatic growth in Internet demand, the optical industry must find new methods to increase the total capacity of existing fiber networks, ensuring economic efficiency and operational simplicity. Only by exploiting this combination the network providers can continue scaling network bandwidth, while limiting infrastructure improvement. Flexigrid transmission is proposed as the mean to use all the available fiber bandwidth in a real efficient way: the exploitation of an adaptive channel grid with wavelengths dynamically selected based on the data rate can allow the operators to upgrade their networks without disruptive and expensive investments. Nowadays, flexibility and dynamic scaling are feasible thanks to the advent of coherent modulation technologies that allow the spectral packing of WDM channels mainly when channel bit rates go beyond 100 Gb/s. Flexigrid networks can be considered as a valid recipe providing the most cost efficient way of delivering new and advanced services, pushing new opportunities for photonic research.


Key-note speeches:

„Applications of Flexible Grid ROADMs“, Giuseppe Ferraris, Telecom Italia
„Enabling technologies for next generation flexible grid network architectures“, Ken Falta, Finisar

Panel discussion
(speakers to be defined)